⁣Gotta love a strong stout on these cold nights. ⠀

We had our tribe’s general council meeting online today. It was a reminder of how we operate as a sovereign nation with our own government and how important that is for our people and our future as indigenous people.⠀
Have you seen our stories printed on the back of many of our cans? Since part of our purpose is to educate the public about our culture I wanted to share the information printed on the back of the Sovereign Nation can.⠀
In 1777 the U.S. government began acquiring land from indigenous tribes through treaties signed with tribal leaders. Though routinely broken, the signing of these treaties recognized the tribes as Sovereign Nations with the ability to self-govern. Today, the reassertion of treaty rights and tribal self-determination is evident in renewed tribal political, economic and cultural strength. Like our tribal nations, Sovereign Nation Imperial Stout is inherently strong and bold with the ability to withstand the test of time.⠀

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