About Us

Skydance Brewing Co.

Skydance Brewing Co. is Oklahoma’s Native American Craft Brewery. Located in the Automobile Alley district of Oklahoma City, Skydance was founded by Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma tribal member, Jake Keyes. While the number of breweries in Oklahoma continued to climb, Keyes wanted to start a brewery that focused on brewing the types of beer he enjoyed drinking himself. Since opening it’s doors in October of 2021, Skydance has now built it’s repuation around brewing great IPA’s, while still providing a well rounded selection for their taproom visitors. 

At Skydance, the Juice comes first...

Social impact and story telling are always important, but for us, the juice comes first. Creating the best beer possible by focusing on quality and innovation is what allows us to have the ability to do all those other things we care about. We brew many styles of beers, but we put most of our focus on the beer styles we love most. We’re passionate about IPA’s and we believe that passion shows in the end product. We have a great love for barrel aged stouts and as time passes, you’ll see the results of that passion as well. 

Whether you’re participating in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, cheering th

this is native

Our founder, Jake Keyes, is a proud member of the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma. This identity is at the heart of everything we do as a company. Jake is the grandson of a great Ioway tribal leader and a descendant of the Osage Nation and Otoe-Missouri Tribe.

Our goal at Skydance is to deliver two messages to the world. The first is using our beer to tell stories and to expose the outside world to some of who we are and what we represent as indigenous people. We do this through the names of our beers and through cutltural events we will hold in our new taproom.

Our second mission is to be an example to other Native Americans, particularly Native youth, of what we are capable of accomplishing through entrepreneurship.

In our native communities we’ve seen the effects from generations of a systematic deterioration of our self-worth. Thanks to broken treaties, the Native American boarding school system, removals, land grabs and just plain racism, many of our youth are raised with the idea that they have a certain place in our society and that success, wealth and the true freedom you gain from entrepreneurship are all outside of their reach.

We believe if they can see other natives creating successful businesses and making a real difference in the world through entrepreneurship, then they will begin to realize that it’s possible for them too. This is the #1 reason why Jake tells his story. It’s the real reason why we push our business as Oklahomas Native American Craft Brewery. It’s absolutely vital that other Native Americans see people like them being successful and capable of positively impacting the world.

Whatever you think you knew about what Native looks like, cast it aside. Innacurate depiction of our culture and identity has led you to a false image. Due to colonization, some of us may not look the way you think we should. We are not defeated, we are not sad, we are not angry and we are not the trail of tears. We are business owners. We’re leaders in the community. We’re successful. We’re proud and we’re still here! THIS IS NATIVE!