Not only do we have a brand new can release for this Friday, but we’re throwing a huge party as well! It’s a John Party with John Knight and John Gignac from MENT Apparel celebrating this really cool label they created! John Party
Australian Sparkling Ale
6% ABV
Galaxy and Enigma
Have you ever had an Australian Sparkling Ale? Well, now’s your chance! This beer is basically Australia’s version of a Pale Ale. The previously best known example is Coopers Pale Ale. It’s light and refreshing with a good balance of malt and yeast character with a nice Australian hop presence from the Galaxy and Enigma hops. We also sprinkled in a little bit of Pacific Jade in the whirlpool and dry hop.
This is a very small batch and only available in the taproom with a couple kegs on tap and a limited number of 4 pack cans. You can get it Friday! Come celebrate the John Party with us as we’ll also have the Russ & Go Food Truck and the MENT Apparel pop-up tent on-site from 4pm-8pm. #beerreleasefriday #skydancebrewing

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