Jake Keyes here: I just wanted to say thank you to Brad Stumph at the Brewers Un

Jake Keyes here: I just wanted to say thank you to Brad Stumph at the Brewers Union for giving us a platform to start our brand and for being so supportive of our efforts to support some of our Native American organizations and the veterans with PHWFF Oklahoma City who have held so many cool events in this taproom.

Greg Seal and M.G. Govia, thank you guys for all of your efforts to introduce the people to our beer and our brand. You guys and all the taproom staff have been amazing!

I gotta say a huge thank you to our Skydance team, including Rod Alexander, Julie Aldridge and my beautiful fiancé, Bobbi for believing in this vision enough to stick it out for a much longer period than we ever thought it would take to get to this point!! Without you guys, none of this happens. Let’s all gather this Saturday and send the BU off with a bang and celebrate our final day of serving beer alongside our Cross Timbers Brewing Co. buddies!!!!

After this week, the BU taproom service will go on hiatus for the foreseeable future. We are so proud of the craft beer community that we represent and the incredibly talented brewers that we have supported as makers, entrepreneurs, and friends. It is our goal to continue that tradition as a production-only facility.

We plan to celebrate Cross Timbers Brewing Co. and Skydance Brewing Co. moving into their upcoming breweries with a weekend of live music. We also owe a proper send off to our taproom hosts Greg Seal and MG Govia. Greg, you have assembled the lovely band of misfits who make up the BU extended family and keep us longing for the company in the BU taproom. Come hang out with us during our normal hours this week.

Until then, we also want to thank all of our friends who have made this journey with us: OKCSodaCo, Elk Valley Brewing Co., Vanessa House Beer Company, Angry Scotsman Brewing, Crossed Cannons Brewery,Madhopperbrewing

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