New Beer Release Friday!!!

New Beer Release Friday!!!
This is the beer that made us want to start a brewery. In order to appreciate this beer, you have to be serious about west coast IPAs…….DEAD SERIOUS!
Dead Serious
West Coast Style DIPA
8% ABV
Falconer’s Flight, Citra, Amarillo Up to this point we’ve made a few west coast IPAs that were designed to appeal to the hazy IPA folks. This is not that beer! It’s dank on the nose. We taste grapefruit and orange citrus notes with a resinous finish on the tongue. The prominent hop here is Falconer’s Flight, which is a blend of several “C hops” used over the years in west coast IPAs. This was the beer our founder brewed the most as a homebrewer. It’s the beer that we… More

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