We’re Hiring a Brewer!!

We’re hiring a brewer!

Skydance Brewing is just weeks away from moving into our new home in Automobile Alley! We’re so excited to get our taproom doors open to the public. However, before we can do that, we need help making all the wonderful beer needed to fill 20 tap handles!

Skydance is looking for a full-time brewer. We’re looking for someone with at least 3 years of experience in a production brewery. A preference will be placed on those candidates who have worked in a brewery that has distributed kegs and cans into the marketplace.

At Skydance we’ll be operating a 15 barrel Alpha brewhouse with three 15bbl unitanks and three 30bbl unitanks. A 3.5bbl pilot system will also be used to help us keep the taproom selection fresh and exciting. We’ll have an Alpha canning line and labeler. Therefore, we prefer a candidate with packaging experience.

This is a great opportunity for a brewer looking to grow with a company and be a part of a new brewery with lots of potential for growth. We’re looking for people who want to be leaders and carry a positive mindset. We can survive without filling this position, which means we will only hire someone who fits in perfectly with our culture and mission as a company and is willing to see this as an opportunity to expand on their brewing career. Our brewer must be committed to excellence and take pride in every drop of beer we produce. In the early days we’ll be a brewing staff of only a few people, so you can expect to work in all aspects of the production space, including cellar work, cleaning and working odd hours to make sure the liquid is taken care of at all times.

If your’re looking for a “side-gig” don’t apply. If you’re looking for a “second job” don’t apply. If you’re looking for “temporary work” don’t apply. If you have difficulty accepting our Native American culture and our mission of sharing that culture with our customers don’t apply.

If you want to build a long lasting career in brewing you should apply. If you have goals of being a head brewer you should apply. If you NEVER cut corners and you NEVER look to just do the minimum amount required you should apply. If you want to flex your creative muscle on a pilot system and have fun at work you should apply! If you’re still interested and seriously think you’d be a great fit then please send a resume with references to [email protected] and click HERE to apply ASAP!

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