We’re Hiring! Assistant Brewer Needed

We’re looking to make our first hire at Skydance Brewing Co. While we are still brewing at the Brewers Union, I have become extremely busy with not only the construction project of our new location, but also sales responsibilities as we have grown in distribution. This has made it difficult to spend the time needed in the brewery. We need help with brewing as we finish out our time at the BU.

After we move into our new location, we plan to grow our staff in the production department to include myself (as head brewer,) a full-time assistant brewer and a part-time assistant brewer. In the early days, we will all share duties ranging from brewing to cellar work to packaging. This is life in a new and small brewery!

This is an opportunity to be a part of something really special! Skydance has really seen strong growth in the market as of late, despite the current pandemic situation. We have product in most OnCue locations and recently we received the exciting news that we will begin seeing our product in Walmart locations all over Tulsa and Oklahoma City! While this is exciting, this also means there will be the added pressure of being able to keep up with production.

This is also a great chance to be involved with the planning and build-out of our new brewing facility in Automobile Alley. Learning our recipes now and spending time with me understanding the culture and purpose of our business will really help to create a great working environment. You could play a major role in building that foundation with Skydance. We’re looking for team members who are willing to help us tell our story and who will buy into our purpose of showcasing our Native American heritage and culture through our craft.

We would love to be able to hire a full-time brewer right now, but until our new taproom opens in late February or early March, we just won’t have the resources to do so. However, taking this part-time position now would really give someone a few months to prove they would be the best fit for that full-time spot if they want it. Once the new taproom opens, the part-time brewery will be more than welcome to pick up shifts working in the taproom. In fact, it would be highly encouraged, as customers love to see the actual brewers serving beer behind the bar.

If you are interested in applying for this part-time brewer position, please review the job description –  (Brewer – Job Description) and then click here to apply. You may also send a resume to me via email at [email protected]

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