Hazy india pale ale

The Fancy Dance is an astonishing display of athleticism, precision, and flashy regalia performed at pow wows all over North America. Fancy Dance is our tribute to this cultural tradition — a juicy, hazy, New England Style IPA showcasing Citra, Mosaic and HBC 586 hops with a citrus and tropical fruit flavor profile as bright and powerful as its namesake.

Amber Ale

NDN Time is not measured by the clock nor the sundial. NDN Time is not measured at all. It’s more of a feeling. A sense of when things should occur. To live on NDN Time is to truly taste freedom. And freedom tastes smooth, medium-bodied and well-balanced, based on our award-winning NDN Time Amber Ale. There’s no time like the present… or whenever you get around to it.

Native Pilsner

Though it roams free on the reservation, the Rez Dog lives its best life running in a pack, just like its ancestors did. Our Rez Dog is a crisp, refreshing pilsner that’s also best enjoyed with friends: sharing stories, comparing war wounds, or simply taking a break from this dog-eat-dog world.